32 Squadron RAF



 32 Squadron RAF 1918 Awards

Capt. Arthur Claydon DFC (Canadian)


"Recently this officer, single-handed, went to the assistance of another pilot, who was attacked by eleven Fokker biplanes and six scouts. By his gallant conduct and skilful manoeuvring he not only extricated the pilot, but drove down several of the enemy aeroplanes. He has shown great initiative and gallantry in locating, bombing and attacking troops on the ground from low altitudes." DFC citation, Supplement to the London Gazette, 3 August 1918

2nd Lt. John Owen Donaldson DFC DSC CdG (Belg) (US)


"For gallantry. On 22 July 1918, Lt. Donaldson, when on a patrol, attacked a formation of 20 Fokker biplanes over Mont-Notre-Dame. He singled out one of the hostile machines and engaged it from behind, firing a short burst at close range. The EA side-slipped to the right and then to the left, finally bursting into flames and crashing. On 8 August he engaged five enemy scouts over Licourt. He singled out one and diving on it from behind, opened fire at very close range. The EA immediately went into a straight dive and crashed into the ground between Licourt and Morchain, becoming a total wreck. On 9 August he observed a British machine being attacked by three hostile scouts over Licourt. He immediately flew to the scene of the encounter and engaged one of the EA, firing a long burst at very close range. Almost at once a white stream of escaping petrol was observed and a little later the EA burst into flames. On 25 August he attacked, single handed, four Fokker biplanes over Hancourt, diving into their midst and firing a short burst into one machine at close range. The EA went down in a side-slip dive and having fallen about 2,000 feet the left wing broke off. The pilot descended in a parachute and shortly after leaving the machine the other wing was observed to crumple up. In addition to the above this officer has driven down out of control three enemy machines as follows: 25 July 1918, one Fokker biplane over Fismes; 10 August, one Fokker biplane over Péronne; 29 August, one Fokker biplane over Cambrai. 2nd Lt. Donaldson also did magnificent work attacking ground targets with machine gun fire and bombs during the recent retreat on the Somme in August. He invariably showed the greatest devotion to duty and gallantry in the face of the enemy."

Capt. Wilfred Barrat Green DFC LdH CdG + palme


 "A bold and very gallant officer who has destroyed two enemy aeroplanes and driven down five out of control. He has also shown a fine offensive spirit in engaging ground targets during the recent battles, using his machine guns with great effect." Supplement to the London Gazette, 3 December 1918

Croix de Guerre avec Palme

July 1919

2nd Lt. Frank Lucien Hale DFC (US)


"A brilliant and very gallant officer who never hesitates to attack the enemy however superior in numbers. On 27th September, Lieut. Hale, single-handed, attacked a formation of ten Fokker biplanes who were manoeuvring to attack one of our bombing formations; engaging one of the Fokkers, he drove it down out of control, and it was seen to break up in the air. By this gallant action the enemy were diverted from their objective. In the combat Lieut. Hale's machine and engine were badly damaged; despite this, he, on his return journey, attacked a solitary Fokker and drove it down out of control. This officer has accounted for eight enemy aircraft." DFC citation, Supplement to the London Gazette, 8 February 1919

Lt. George Edgar Bruce Lawson DFC (South Africa)


"A pilot of courage and skill, bold in attack and gallant in action, who has accounted for five enemy aeroplanes. On 27th September he attacked fifteen Fokker biplanes that were harassing one of our bombing formations, driving down one in flames. He then engaged a second; in the combat the two machines collided, and the enemy aeroplane fell down completely out of control. Although his machine was badly damaged, Lieutenant Lawson successfully regained our lines." Supplement to the London Gazette, 8 February 1919

Capt. Walter Alexander "Bing" Tyrrell


"For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. On one day this officer attacked two enemy triplanes, destroying one and driving down the other out of control. After this he was attacked by two other machines, one of which he forced to land, taking the occupants prisoners. On various other occasions he has destroyed or driven down out of control enemy machines." MC citation, Supplement to the London Gazette, 16 September 1918

Capt. Edward Alexander Packe

" Mentioned in Despatches"

INCLUDED in the list of names of officers, non-commissioned
officers and men, serving or who have served
under Field-Marshal Sir D. Haig's command during the
period September 25th, 1917, to February 24th, 1918, and
who are mentioned in his despatch of May 20th for distinguished
and gallant services and devotion to duty.

Later awards

Major John Canaan Russell COL


The King has been pleased to approve of the following rewards to officers and other ranks of the Royal Air Force in recognition of distinguished services rendered during the war. London Gazette 3 June 1919.

(Previously Chevalier of the Ordre de Leopold (Belg) 24 Sep 1917)

Capt. Charles Lionel Veitch


London Gazette 3 June 1919 (as above)

Capt. Edward Alexander Packe

The King has been pleased to approve of the undermentioned
rewards to Officers and other ranks of the Royal Air
Force, in recognition of distinguished services rendered
during the War.  10 October 1919